Bet on OFI Crete vs Panionios 09/01/2018

In the next game of the Greek Cup in the middle of this week OFI Crete will act as host in this leg 2 match to host Panionios. In the first leg when Panionios plays as host, OFI Crete is unbeaten with a score of 2-0. Panionios have placed 1 step to advance to the fourth round of the next Greek Cup.

OFI Crete play in second caste or 2nd Greek league division, their performance so far is quite good, where they are currently in the order of 3 standings with 5 wins, 3 draws and 1 to 9 games. They also still have a chance to climb to the rank of 2 standings, because OFI Crete is only 5 points adrift of Panachaiki.

Panionios in this season also played pretty well just like last season, where last season they were in 5th position standings and in this season they were in the order of 5 standings. Panionios and OFI Crete have good capital to face this match, they both won victory in the last game. OFI Crete defeated Kissamikos 3-0 and Panionios beat Kerkyra 3-1.

Although OFI Crete acted as the host in this match, but in the match leg 1 Panionios able to defeat them. OFI Crete just plays in the 2nd division of greek league, of course the quality of the game level from Panionios is still much better. The possibility of this match will run just like the previous leg 1. (Ozk)

OFI Crete 0.5: 0 Panionios
Prediction Today: Panionios