Bet on Paços de Ferreira-Portimonense 08/01/2018

Paços de Ferreira is still going through a difficult time. Petit came in to replace Vasco Seabra, but did not notice very positive effects. The team is far from practicing attractive football, as it has done in other times. Even its strong point, to play in the Stadium of the Mobile, has not had the force of other seasons. Petit tries to put a consistent team defensively but even that has not happened. Sofeu 13 goals in the last 5 games which gives an average of almost 3 goals per game! This characterizes much of what has been the defensive permeability of Paços, and justifies in much the classification of the team! In this 17th day, you receive a team that also does not live its best moment. Portimonense lost a lot of the effectiveness shown at the start of the season. It may be natural, given the accumulated wear and tear of the season. Even though it has shown more organization and criteria, in relation to Paços de Ferreira! A game where you fight for precious points for two teams with the same goal, staying in this League NOS. Who will get the 3 points?


Two teams going through a more difficult phase in Liga NOS. Paços de Ferreira, in the last 6 games, the best they got was 1 point!

Too little for a team that wants to be among the big guys. In addition to the defeats is also worrying the goals conceded (16), and thrashed, even without being against big teams, as happened in Chaves (4-2).

The Portimonense is passing a fast of goals. In the last 4 days did not score any goal, something that seems almost impossible, considering what he did in the first 12 days!

However the quality is there, with Nakajima, Fabrício and Paulinho as above average players.


The Paços de Fereira, at home, is never easy to defeat, however a few years ago we did not see a Paços as fragile. With both teams having a bad moment, but with Portimonense having more individual quality, and with the defense of Paços so permeable, is expected to goal of Portimonense! Scoring, the Algarve team has a good chance of getting out of Mata Real with points. Portimonense does not lose.

Prediction Today:Portimonense does not lose. Odds:1.56
Prediction:Both teams score, scored. Odds:1.85
Prediction:Draw. Odds:3.42