Bet on Tondela – Vitória de Setúbal 09/01/2018

Tondela and Vitória de Setúbal are measuring their strength in this 17th round. José Couceiro’s team has been recovering, at least at the level of their performances! It is true that he has not lost 3 games, two of which form for the League Cup! In the last round, they drew with Estoril in a game that had a controversy after two goals were defeated by the Sadinos! The team was beat by (2-0) but in the last 10 minutes allowed the tie. This tells a lot of what victory has been from a defensive standpoint and how much it has cost points! They travel to João Cardoso Stadium to face Tondela. Pepa’s team are making a quiet season something that has not been customary since they climbed into the Premier League. The team comes from a victory in the difficult D. Afonso Henriques, and in the previous trip had won in the Vila das Aves. It remains to be seen whether he will be able to maintain this trend, or if the Sadinos will be able to win again, 7 days after the last victory, as a visitor, in this Liga NOS.

The Victory of Setúbal is slow to leave the last place. With only 11 points, he outlines a reaction in the last 3 games where he tied the 3, two for the League Cup.

But, it is the note of note, there are improvements in the football of Vitória de Setúbal and a more confident team. On the last journey he could and should have won, for he had the bird in his hand and let him flee through his defensive errors.

But he will face a team that has been very well, winning even the last two trips, in Vila das Aves and Guimarães!

Curiously, they lost their last two matches at the João Cardoso Stadium, against Benfica and Rio Ave, adding the 5th defeat in 8 games!


In fact, Tondela has been better, playing as a visitor than at home. However, the Pepa team has very characteristic moths. He always believes that it is possible to win, and he has already proven that when he turned the game (0-2), at home to (3-2) against Boavista! Another characteristic is the goal that rarely fails the team of Tondela, because it marked in 12 of the 16 days! Thus it becomes competitive and always sells a very expensive defeat. In the face of a Vitória de Setúbal who has shown defensive fragility, Tondela has everything to score goals, and at home is a serious candidate to win the game! Tondela more than 1 goal, Asian handicap.
Prediction Today:Tondela more than 1 goal, Asian handicap.      Odds1.63

Prediction: Tondela (0) Asian handicap.                                       Odds1.63

Prediction:Tondela wins or ties and both teams score                 Odds2.56