Bet on FC Hansa Rostock vs. TSG Neustrelitz 10/01/2018

Club friendly game

I already wrote a lot about Hansa Rostock in the tip of January 5th. You are in the third league and can still squint on the promotion ranks. That one also has what it has proved the first two test matches with the preparation for the second half of the winter break. Against Dynamo Schwerin there was a 6-0 success and the Polish second division Blekitni Stargard defeated 4-0. Particularly striking was always new signing Pascal Breier from VfB Stuttgart, who each entered the scoresheet. I’ll say today he’ll do it again.

The TSG Neustrelitz has been in preparation only since last Saturday (06.01.) And if the weather cooperates you will compete for the first time on the 27th of January – against Budissa Bautzen. The TSG has fallen into a deep hole and both sporty and economically, currently not much together. In the Regionalliga Nordost is currently occupied the 16th place with 8 points ahead of the bottom of the table. Still better than the last place in the past season, when only one did not descend, because Jena has risen to the third league and no northeast club had to down. Personnel you do not have (more) the possible means to play a good role in the league. Two years ago, things looked different when they knocked on the door to the 3rd league and only lost out in the play-offs Mainz II.

Conclusion: Neustrelitz does not have the opportunity to succeed against Hansa. Due to the recent rather meager performances in HZ 1 – they were each “only” 1-0 – I assume that Dotchev expects his team also pressing and a convincing performance in HZ 1. Fair quota in my view at 1.90 – GL!

Prediction today: Half Time 1 / Final Score 1