Zwickau vs Karlsruhe Betting Predictions 12/02/2019

Originally, the third league match between the FSV Zwickau and the Karlsruher SC at the end of January, more precisely on 27.01.2019, should have gone over the stage. Due to the unplayability of completely covered by snow masses square in the fourth largest city of Saxony, the game had to be canceled and postponed to a later date. This day came on Tuesday when the match from the 21st matchday is made up. On paper, between Zwickau and Karlsruhe according to the odds favored the guest, which is due among other things to the current table situation.

Today’s Betting Prediction Zwickau vs Karlsruhe

The KSC ranks currently in second place and is thus well on the way back to the 2nd Bundesliga. With a success in Zwickau, coach Alois Schwartz’s team could extend their advantage over the relegation zone to just five points and also secure their first away win in calendar year 2019. The home side are currently in 15th place and have only one point ahead of the first relegation place to fear for relegation. Both games after the winter break were lost from FSV point of view with 0: 1, which is why the qualitatively stronger guest must be equal in many ways. Between Zwickau and Karlsruhe is a prediction on the away win obvious. The kick-off in the stadium Zwickau takes place on Tuesday evening at 19:00 clock.

Zwickau – Statistics & Current Form

The FSV Zwickau has only completed two competitive games in the new year, and yet it smells in “Zwigge”, as the black coal stronghold in the Saxon dialect is called, already after the crisis. Both matches at home against Eintracht Braunschweig (0: 1) and Fortuna Köln (0: 1) were lost. But that was not enough, because the team of coach Joe Enochs each had their own goal and strengthened additionally two direct competitors in the relegation battle. Currently, the Red-Whites are with 25 points still above the line, however, the lead on the relegation places on a counter shrunk together. No wonder, then, that some stakeholders are already sounding the alarm and talking about completely ineffective performances at the beginning of the year.

In the away game in Cologne, for example, came the Zwickauers only twice at the end and left in total in the opposing half miss any danger completely. Considered year-round, it was even the third third league match in a row, in which the relegation candidate was scoreless. The overall balance before the home crowd is also not a compelling pro-argument to recommend on Tuesday evening in the catch-up between Zwickau and Karlsruhe a tip on the host. In the previous ten games in front of their own fans celebrated the Enochs-Eleven three successes, shared four times with the opponent the points and left three more times the field as a loser.

“If we do not get the corner straight, it will be hard to keep the class.” – Ronny King

The positive goal ratio of 15:11, however, suggests that the basement child has quality to put supposedly stronger teams before problems. As an example may be mentioned that the FSV did not have to take any of the three mentioned home bankruptcies with more than one goal difference. Nevertheless, the uncertainty among the planitzers is great and their confidence has cracked. This combination in combination with the qualitative superiority of the guests from Baden-Baden inevitably lead to the fact that in the meeting Zwickau vs. Karlsruhe the prediction will turn out in favor of the favorite in most cases.

The American newcomer McKinze Gaines must be as blocked after his yellow-red card against Fortuna Cologne as Nico Antonitsch, who saw his fifth yellow card. In addition, Bickel, Hodek and Mäder are missing due to injury. Changes in the starting eleven are mandatory; especially in the last harmless offensive it certainly needs fresh staff to overturn the proverbial goat.

Expected formation of Zwickau:
Brinkies – Barylla, Wachsmuth, Gaul, Lange – Schröter, Reinhardt, Frick, Miatke – Könnecke, King

Last matches from Zwickau:

  • 09.02.2019 – Fortuna Cologne vs. Zwickau 1: 0 (3rd league)
  • 04.02.2019 – Zwickau Vs. Brunswick 0: 1 (3rd league)
  • 22.01.2019 – Magdeburg Vs. Zwickau 3: 2 (friendly match)
  • 15.01.2019 – Erfurt vs. Zwickau 1: 1 (friendly match)

Karlsruhe – Statistics & Current Form

For the Karlsruher SC this season’s goal can only be called ‘promotion’. That this endeavor should be realized without detour, if possible, is on the one hand in the nature of the thing and on the other hand on the bad experiences, which made the Schwartz Elf last year in the relegation. The current table picture is quite successful from a Baden perspective, although the lead of the rankings in third place is only two points and lurking in the extended chase field numerous teams that could make the connection with a small series. Accordingly, the catch-up game by Anton Fink and Co. on Tuesday evening in Zwickau is significant. The KSC has set itself the goal to increase the lead over the competitors and at the same time to forget the small setback of the weekend.

Despite numerical inferiority – Daniel Gordon looked after 57 minutes yellow-red – had the proteges of the second division experienced coach Sandro Schwartz in Jena the opportunity to leave the place as the winner, but Lorenz failed after a good hour by penalty on the opposing keeper. In the end it was the 1-1 draw, through which the promotion aspirant has been unbeaten for ten league games. In addition, with seven of these ten matches winning, it quickly becomes clear that the Blue-Whites have now caught on and are profiting from the qualitative benefits they undoubtedly possess. Subjectively speaking, the long-standing first and second division has probably the best squad of the 3rd league, which is why on Tuesday between Zwickau and Karlsruhe odds around the 2.00 mark should be taken absolutely inspected. The yield in foreign countries can also be seen very well so far, because with six threes, four draws and only one defeat in eleven encounters, the KSC is the second best away team of the 3rd league. With the exception of the two suspended regulars Daniel Gordon and Manuel Stiefler, all men are on board.

Expected formation of Karlsruhe:
Uphoff – Thiede, Kobald, Pisot, Rossbach – Camoglu, Groiß, Wanitzek, M. Lorenz – Pourié, A. Fink

Last matches of Karlsruhe:

  • 09.02.2019 – Jena Vs. Karlsruhe 1: 1 (3rd league)
  • 05.02.2019 – Karlsruhe vs. FK Pirmasens 1: 3 (Friendly Match)
  • 02.02.2019 – Karlsruhe vs. Fortuna Cologne 3: 1 (3rd league)
  • 19.01.2019 – Karlsruhe vs. Jeunesse Esch 2: 0 (friendly)
  • 15.01.2019 – Karlsruhe vs. Winterthur 3: 1 (friendly)

Zwickau Vs. Karlsruhe Direct Comparison & Statistics Highlights

Only for the fourth time are Zwickau and Karlsruhe facing each other. A tip on the blue-whites from the south of the republic would have worked in the previous year (2017/2018) both times. At home, the Karlsruher narrowly won 1-0; in Zwickau it was after 90 mostly one-sided minutes 4: 2 for the financially better-equipped contender for the second division return. In the current season, the Schwartz team at home, however, surprisingly difficult and had to be content despite a clear chance plus’ with a 1-1 draw.

Zwickau vs Karlsruhe Betting Tips and Predictions

Making reliable recommendations in the third highest German league is not easy due to the enormous power density and the numerous surprises. The situation is similar between Zwickau and Karlsruhe with a prediction. In the end, however, one must state that the guests from Baden-Baden are rightly being treated as favorites. The Karlsruher have been unbeaten in ten league games (seven wins, three draws) and also started much better in the calendar year than the FSV Zwickau. The Red-Whites conceded two direct defeats in the relegation battle two 0-1 defeats and thus wait for three matches on their own hit.

Key Facts – Zwickau vs Karlsruhe tips

Zwickau with two 0: 1 defeats after the winter break
Karlsruhe has been unbeaten in ten league games (seven wins, three draws)
In the previous year, KSC prevailed in Zwickau with 4: 2

In terms of self-confidence and quality, the Karlsruher definitely have the benefits on their side. To make matters worse, the FSV only three of ten home games victorious designed, while the Schwartz Elf in the stranger, the second best team in the league. For this reason, we have in the meeting Zwickau vs. Karlsruhe decided for a tip to strong odds on the away win of favorites. Five units seem completely defensible after weighing the risk. If the prices around the magical doubling mark are too low, one could alternatively consider betting on the HT 2 / FT 2. Even a handicap success of the more formidable Karlsruher should come into question, although Zwickau had to accept no defeat before home crowd with more than one goal difference.

Betting Prediction: 2
Odds: 2.00