Manchester United vs Manchester City Betting Predictions 24/04/2019

Manchester United vs Manchester City Football Betting Prediction

Big poster for this game late of the 31st day and which will put Manchester United against Manchester City. This Manchester derby promises to be hot and tense between two teams that each have a specific goal. On the side of United, the Red Devils are still in the race for a qualification to the next Champions League. Currently sixth, the Solskjaer players are only 3 points behind Tottenham, 3rd, and Chelsea, 4th. Knowing that Chelsea has one game more than United, the Red Devils have a good shot to play to get back into the race and afford a final of madness. But concern is still of importance for Pogba’s teammates in view of the form displayed against Everton last weekend. Defeated 4-0, they showed nothing positive in the field and were overwhelmed in all areas. It will therefore take the Red Devils to show a much better face and regain a confidence completely lost in a few games. Because opposite, it is the neighbor citizen who appears in the theater of the dreams and the players of Guardiola hopes to pocket a new victory to get closer to the title. Engaged in an unbreathable mano with Liverpool, the Skyblues saw the Reds take the lead in the Premier League after their success against Cardiff. With one game less than Liverpool and 2 points down the table, Sterling’s teammates can finally take the throne if successful. With only 1 point ahead of Klopp players, the last 3 days should promise a huge suspense and tension to get the title. Eliminated since 1 week of the Champions League, the Citizens are still bitter of this cruel elimination and no doubt they will use this rage to beat their neighbor and rival. Manchester United will have to be very strong if they do not want to run against the blue-sky waves.

Key stats for the match Manchester United vs Manchester City

⚽️ United have only won 1 of their last 5 games.
⚽️ But United have lost just 1 home games this season in the Premier League.
⚽️ City remains on 4 wins in their last 5 games.
⚽️ City has lost only 1 of its last 9 away games.
⚽️ Manchester City have won the last 3 clashes between the two teams.

Betting Predictions Provided by our Experts Tipsters Manchester United vs Manchester City

It is a derby that will be very expensive and the loser could bite his fingers hard at the end of the season. United is still fighting for a qualification for the next Champions League and must absolutely not let slip the victory on pain of seeing its competitors escape. But City is engaged in his mano a mano with Liverpool and can return to the Reds if successful. Freshly eliminated from the Champions League, the Citizens want to give everything for the championship and the FA Cup. We’re betting on a victory for City.

Betting Prediction: Manchester City
Odds: 1.42