US Catanzaro 1929 vs FeralpiSalo Betting Predictions 22/05/2019

Today’s Football Prediction US Catanzaro 1929 vs FeralpiSalo

Playoff promotion to Ceravolo where Catanzaro meets a Feralpi Salò on the ball. The hosts will have to win with at least one goal difference to be able to enter the next phase otherwise the Lombards will advance. The Catanzaro this season has achieved very few draws (only 7 in 36 occasions) and has often given the show: its the best attack of the group, 65 goals in 36 issues with exploits such as success for 4-3 in Reggio Calabria, the 5-1 in Potenza and 6-3 trimmed to Trapani in the last of the championship. A team that sometimes gets lost as it happened in the first leg against the Italians, lost 1-0. The Catanzaro still looks like a team that is a bit immature for the category jump.

The key points of the US Catanzaro 1929 vs FeralpiSalò prediction

The Catanzaro equalized only 7 times in 36 league games.

On the first leg the challenge ended 1-0 for Feralpi Salò with a Maiorino goal.

FeralpiSalò finished its season in fourth place, Catanzaro in third.

Our Football Prediction US Catanzaro 1929 vs FeralpiSalò

The Catanzaro is a spectacular team but a bit inconstant. We believe that on this occasion FeralpiSalò will prevail and take home the victory.

Betting Prediction: FeralpiSalò wins
Odds: 4.5