Valur vs Maribor betting tips 10/07/2019

Valur vs Maribor Football Betting Tips

Champions League qualifiers continue on Wednesday, giving the European public a considerable number of parties to play this weekend in terms of football. Valur and Maribor is one of the games this evening, on the Reykjavik stadium.

Valur: Form of the moment, the latest results, statistics

Valur, the host of this first qualifying tournament, is ranked second with the chance to win the game but also qualify due to the excess of value, but we will see what the Icelanders will do at their debut in these UCL qualifiers. The Icelandic team has been pleasantly accustomed to us in the past few years with European qualifications, and this year is the second consecutive year due to a new presence in the UCL. Last year was not very helpful for Valur, which was eliminated quite quickly by Rosenborg. This time, the opponent is slightly less rated so there is a bigger chance for the Nordic club.

Maribor: Form of the moment, the latest results, statistics

Maribor travels to Reykjavik, and this road and this distance could no longer overturn the whole plan made by Slovaks before this first round. The Slovaks, the en-titre champions in the domestic competition, are quoted with the first chance but things are not great for them, especially since they never impressed in the European cups, the championship being the main competition in which they managed to acquire something. From this point of view, the Slovaks are quite timid before the game in Iceland, especially since the training period stopped suddenly due to the beginning of these qualifications, and the things in the rest of the time did not completely complete the things that did not work until that moment .

Our Football Betting Tips Valur vs Maribor

The Icelandic squad gets a fantastic breeze by being in full championship and its players are connected weekly to domestic competition matches, encouraging a very attentive attitude for these qualifiers as well. So, I will count on a positive result of those from Valur who do not think they will lose this duel on their own.

Betting Tips: Double chance 1x
Odds: 1.73