Everything has changed and will change more! Covid-19 or Corona Virus

Everything has changed and will change more! Covid-19 or Corona Virus

Everything has changed and will change more! Covid-19 or Corona Virus

Following the current trend on the impact of Covid-19 or Corona Virus, today another article to objectify the current changes in sport and make futurology, if we can do it.
An article that can be biased, I am not a health professional and with that I can have a different perspective from the “common bettor ..

The decision was made by UEFA over a great deal of tension, the sponsors, the amounts already spent in the pre-preparation of the national teams as well as the investments that were made by the cities that would host this event.

But it was finally decided to postpone, and public health interest prevailed. Huge losses that according to UEFA claims to have caused, but for a “lesser evil” and what would be this type of spectacle without an audience and with players in danger. Even more, without the Euro, it allows the championships to have time to end, and with that decide who wins, who goes down and who goes to Europe.

In the football leagues this week, La Liga and the Bundesliga have come out in public to fear for their future as football leagues. The damage is huge, and the Premier League has yet to say anything, has yet to say what it wants to do and what it at least hopes to do.

If I may, seeing the English Government’s action in preventing this contagion, I believe it may take a little longer to resume. The Premier League may have a sad resolution, and of course I can only imagine what will happen to Liverpool, who this year had a hand in the English cup!

Returning to the fall of the major European leagues, La Liga assumes that the losses are enormous, as well as the Bundesliga, and above all without also predicting when and how the leagues will resume. In both Germany and Spain, the state of Covid-19 at home is still far from resolved or as they now say a decline in the curve of this epidemic.

France, Ligue 1, I miss you … France waits to see what the recent measures will do to the curve and with that she can estimate her future a little and obviously resume competitions. Copa America, another competition postponed for the year, and everything changed less in less than 3 months.

NBA, American basketball will also be another competition that will take a long time to resume and I will also place here the NHL, one of the competitions that we bettors also look at and of course the MLB, don’t forget the MLS. The United States, too, is in contention with the contagion curve and is also facing a situation, I would say serious, and which I think has already realized that it will not be easy to return to “normal”.

Black scenario, all the best competitions in the world suffer and will suffer seriously because of the Corona virus, something that makes us see things differently from now on! Great sports this year will disappear, or be postponed to 2021 and we only talk about the Olympic Games, in Japan – Tokyo, a country that is in a good phase of recovery after having also been harassed by Covid-19.

Japan and the IOC say that everything is ready to receive athletes, of course with some nuances, and something that jumps me to the idea is: What did Olympic athletes go through, how did they train and suffer from this epidemic?

I recently saw an athlete in Italy, one of the countries that is better off not even talking about it, who was infected, and who is already recovering, but of course she saw her training in preparation for the Olympic Games compromised.
The idea is this, how will athletes present themselves for this competition and which athletes and which nations will be able to compete there, as they may still be fighting against this World problem – Covid-19.

I would say that everything is compromised, I would say that the year 2020 is a zero year, we have to bear this in mind, in sport, in the economy in everything! Even in the way we live and of course even betting, everything will change!

Champions League and Europa League other problems, there is even talk of centering teams in one place and making playoffs for example. Friends want an opinion, they are just ideas, everything will depend on what will happen in each country, and if in those countries the clubs involved are in those same competitions. Of course, and also the health status of the players, and their physical condition.

I don’t want to talk about the Italian Serie A, sorry, I think that here, we should be consensual, the problem now is to solve what is happening there, and quickly. Then we will talk about Serie A, I think they deserve this silence for now, the important thing there and now is saving lives.

An epidemic that is infecting people with the economy and also football and consequently sports betting. We still need to talk about sports betting, which according to the drop in revenue is almost 100%.

Russia was still going on, but after closing, the bookmakers felt the absence of competitions. The only ones that run are actually Belarus and Ukraine After everything is quarantined, the Portuguese Association of Online Betting and Games talks about this impact. Alias ​​the Association estimates a fall of 70% to 75% only in March.

In April it is estimated that 100% of losses are due to the lack of supply, and of course in Portugal it is felt even more, as the regulated market restricts even more because competitions are not all covered.

Another alarm given by the Association is a hard hand against those who offer gambling on the illegal market so that they do not take advantage of this situation. The scenario is serious, and I am sincere, the next three months will be difficult, and no one dares, dates or how to resolve the “ending” of the leagues, and in my opinion it is too early to project anything. The scenario is really “black” and you can’t do futurology because it depends on the war against this virus.

Some examples of where we can bet!

1- Football – Belarus, Australia, Ukraine, Singapore, Burkina Faso

So far, these are only the Leagues that we can bet on football, but make no mistake, it won’t last long. Of course, the Portuguese market may not allow betting on these referred leagues, for that look for the leagues authorized by our regulator – SRIJ (see website)

2 – Poker

A good option, for those who know and like, of course and that may be a solution for some. It is not an ideal poker because liquidity is not global, but it could be a solution.

3 – Virtual Games

Some bookmakers have this offer, with football game simulations, and recently, today, March 20, I read that Formula 1 simulated a Grand Prix with the drivers at home, something funny to see.

4 – E-Sports

A good bet to keep, but I’m not on the inside, to know how the competitions are going, but I believe that it is feasible to have tournaments, as each one can be at home playing, without large crowds of people.

5 – Casino

6 – News

I have already seen some videos of betting on the “marble” that reaches the goal first, and we can also bet on some offers, such as who wins that TV show, etc, etc, there are several possibilities.
In my opinion, we will only “breathe” in the bets when the countries or most of them are recovering and then we can project what to expect and what decisions we will have in the first place in the domestic leagues.

Then the Champions League, the Europa League and then the preparation for the start of the championships, but as I’ve been told since this virus appeared, we live one day at a time. Friends to know how to wait, and for me our efforts now are with our family, and how we will overcome these adversities that we are facing.

❗️ I’m sincere, maybe because of what I do in my professional life, I don’t have the “head” to bet or place a bet. Was it good to bet distracting?

Of course, I knew how to distract ourselves a little from this situation, to avoid always talking and hearing the same, but always paying attention to the guidelines of our Ministry of Health and our parents.

Friends, protect yourself, help your elders, and please stay at home if you can of course! The weather is not the best or the most conducive to online betting, but soon everything will be back to normal, the only thing left to know is when, but it just depends on us!

We are together, united and full of desire to have our life back to normal and return to bet on those difficult derbis and those fetish teams that we love so much. Go back to the stadiums and celebrate that goal, if VAR lets it, of course!

Calm down, one day at a time, protect yourself and each other and help each other and again, if you can, stay at home.

A hug and good luck!