Leipzig vs Bayern Munich Free Betting Tips 25/05/2019


Leipzig vs Bayern Munich Football Betting Tips

Bayern Munich and Red Bull Leipzig meet for the final of the German Cup, two weeks after fighting at the 33rd day of the Bundesliga. The Munich will try to achieve the double, 1 week after being crowned champions of Germany for the seventh time in a row after a final fantastic match and a fierce battle with Dortmund. Champions 2 points ahead, the men of Kovac have struggled until the last day to get this title, while they were badly embarked until February and they counted up to 9 points behind Dortmund. An incredible performance that illustrates the strength and envy of the people of Munich to continue to rule Germany. And they have the opportunity to achieve the double to conclude a season still successful, although they were eliminated in the Round of 16 Champions League by the finalist finalist, Liverpool. For what will be the final match of Ribery and Robben with the Munich club, Bayern will do everything to tear off this cup. But he will have a big opponent with the RB Leipzig who wants to get this coveted title. 3rd in the championship, the Red Bull players will once again be in the Champions League next year and they want to conclude in the best ways this season. But against Bayern, they will have a lot to do. It’s a match not to be missed between two of the best teams in the German league.

Key stats for the match Leipzig vs Bayern Munich


Leipzig has lost only 1 of its last 9 games.
But Leipzig has conceded 5 goals in its last two German Cup games.
Bayern have lost only 1 of their last 14 games.
Bayern have scored 13 goals in five German Cup games this season.
Bayern have lost only 1 time against Red Bull Leipzig.

Our Betting Tips Explained Leipzig vs Bayern Munich

It’s a superb final between RB Leipzig and Bayern Munich. Winner of his seventh consecutive title last weekend, Bayern thirst for title and wants to achieve the double. In top form, the Munich are ready to pierce the nets nets with their supersonic attack and raise a new trophy this season. Opposite, the RB Leipzig will do everything to remove this title but the team seems less armed than the overpowered Bayern. Given the shapes, we bet on a victory of Bayern Munich.

Betting Tips: Bayern Munich
Odds: 1.55