Norrkoping vs Hacken Free Betting Tips

Norrkoping vs Hacken Free Betting Tips

Norrkoping vs Hacken Free Betting Tips

Separated by just one point on the leaderboard, Norrkoping and Hacken fight this Monday, August 24, a direct battle for position in play that is part of the schedule for the seventeenth round of the Swedish Championship 2020 season, the second round of the second shift. The stage for the match will be the Ostgotaporten stadium in Norrköping.

Allsvenskan uses a non-European standard calendar. Due to local climatic conditions it starts and ends in the same year. Under normal conditions, it runs from March to December. In 2020, due to the pandemic, the start was postponed and there is no prediction for completion, as there is a dependence on the definition of the continental calendar. With 16 clubs, the competition has 30 rounds and, in the end, only the champion is entitled to participate in the Champions League, but only in the 2021/2022 season. The second and third positions yield a place in the Europa League. The relegation zone is formed by the last three, but there are differences. The worst two go directly to Second Division. The antepenultimate still has a chance to escape the sticking dispute by the playoff with Superettan’s third place, the Swedish Second.

The recent performance of Norrkoping

After leading the tournament for a long time and plummeting, Noorkoping managed to stop the bleeding in the first round of the second round. He broke a fast that reached five rounds (two draws followed by three defeats) by scoring 3-1 away from home at Goteborg.

It was not enough, however, to return to the elite squad of the leaderboard. With 28 points (eight wins, four draws and four losses), he started round 17 in fourth place, the first outside the region that grants places in international competitions.

However, just one point below Djurgarden, the current national champion, who from now on will have to split between Allsvenskan and the Europa League qualifiers, as he was defeated by Ferencvaros in an attempt to reach the Champions League group stage . So you can try to benefit from a more relaxed schedule.

As principal, Norrkoping is already in the G3. It is the third place in the ranking of home owners of the Swedish Championship. Of the 24 points he played at home, he won 17 (five wins, two draws and one defeat) having scored 15 goals and conceded six.

Norrkoping in the current season

08/17 2020 IFK Gothenburg 1 – 3 IFK Norrkoeping
08/13 2020 IFK Norrkoeping 1 – 2 Hammarby
10/8 2020 Helsingborg 3 – 2 IFK Norrkoeping
06/08 2020 Haecken 2 – 1 IFK Norrkoeping
03/08 2020 IFK Norrkoeping 1 – 1 Mjaellby

The current form of Hacken

Hacken is having a good time. He won three of his last four matches. The most recent, at home, 2-1, against Varbergs. With that, he managed to reach fifth place in the leaderboard. He has 27 points (seven wins, six draws and three losses).

In that situation, you can also start dreaming of a place in international competitions next season. The strongest point is the Allsvenskan’s third best attack. Rocked the network of rivals on 29 opportunities. Only Malmo, leader, with 33 goals, and Norrkoping, his rival on Monday, who scored 35, have better performance in this regard.

Performance as a visitor, however, has been his Achilles’ Heel. Hacken is in the thirteenth position in the ranking of this item in the Swedish Championship. Of the 21 points he played as a column two, he returned home with seven (one win, four draws and two defeats) having scored ten goals and conceded 12.

Hacken in the current season

08/17 2020 Haecken 2 – 1 Varbergs BoIS FC
08/13 2020 Varbergs BoIS FC 1 – 3 Haecken
08/09 2020 Haecken 0 – 2 Kalmar FF
06/08 2020 Haecken 2 – 1 IFK Norrkoeping
1/8 2020 Djurgaarden 3 – 1 Haecken

Norrkoping vs Hacken Free Betting Tips

In a duel between two teams with an offensive vocation, Hacken’s timid performance as a visitor makes the prediction for Norrkoping’s victory the best guess for Monday’s seventeenth round of the Swedish Championship 2020 edition.

Betting Tips: IFK Norrkoeping
Odds: 2.19